ISPadmin 5.04 beta1

22. 03. 2019

RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2019

MikroTik router password change

  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers: Bulk password change feature for MikroTik routers added to the system.
  • To be able to use this feature, you need to set the user permissions correctly in Settings / Administrators / Administrators. It is necessary to check the Allow tools box in the Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers section. This setting applies to all the tools available on the page.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers: Choose Mikrotik in the Router type menu. Checkboxes appear in the first column. If you check at least one of them, the select box in the bottom-left corner of the table gets activated. Choose the Change password option.
  • You can change the passwords of the retrieved users.
  • If a given user does not exist on a router, it is possible to add them to the router (checkbox Add a user if they do not exist).
  • You can also allow this user to communicate with ISPadmin (checkbox Set to communicate with ISPadmin).

Do not suspend services temporarily

  • Do not suspend services temporarily feature added to Client card / Information / Edit
  • If the Don't suspend checkbox is checked, it is possible to set how long a given client's services are to remain unsuspended. Choose a particular date in the Till setting.
  • If you choose, for example, January 20, 2019, it means that the client's services are to run without interruption until January 20, 2019. The next day (January 21, 2019), the Don't suspend checkbox is automatically unchecked and the client's services may be suspended by the system.

Contracts in the Client Portal

  • Settings / Syst. settings / Client portal: ci_display_contracts_tab setting modified
  • In the Client Portal, you can now have the system display contracts in PDF format only.
  • Before: 0 = Contracts tab in the Client Portal disabled. 1 = Contracts tab in the Client Portal enabled.
  • Now: 0 = Contracts tab in the Client Portal disabled. 1 = Contracts tab in the Client Portal enabled. Contracts available in PDF and DOC (DOCX, RTF) format. 2 = Contracts tab in the Client Portal enabled. Contracts available only in PDF format.

Client number 0

  • It is possible to add more than one client with client number 0 to the system.
  • You can use this feature, for example, when you are adding new clients (without contracts) to the system.
  • In Settings / Syst. settings / Client Portal, it is necessary to set ci_enable_login_name_creation to 0.


  • Router name column added to the table
  • Device ID renamed to rtrID
  • Entry time column added to the table
  • If the entry time and the router time differ by more than 2 hours, the router time is marked in orange.
  • Items ordered by entry date
  • Search by entry date

API-SSL communication with MikroTik devices

  • Improvement in API-SSL communication with MikroTik devices
  • The API-SSL login time limit could, under certain circumstances, lead to the following problem: API-SSL test FAIL (failed connect or ssl handshake).
  • The time limit has been extended so that the key exchange and encryption processes could finish without being interrupted.

Further changes

  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices - Overview for a particular invoice group: Column Sending added to the table (Number of emails to be sent)
  • Settings / Administrators / Dealers / Payments for dealers: Payments can be deleted.
  • AIB SEPA: The system uses manually entered SEPA IDs (if they are filled in) or system generated SEPA IDs. (IE localization)
  • Invoicing / Overviews: Button Default added to the relevant overviews
  • Client card / Information / Send settings via e-mail: Button Back added to the form
  • Test version of payment calendar added
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / By period: Column Rounding added to the table
  • Other / Backups / System: In the overview, the last backup creation dates are used instead of the folder creation dates.
  • Other / Import / VoIP Overviews:Data retrieval in VoIP overviews is faster.
  • Dashboard: Better position of the settings window
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Accounting: CSV export modified. The decimal separator and date format used in the export file are chosen based on the localization. UTF-8 encoding.
  • Scheduling / Overview: Fulltext search feature modified. Search is also performed on the data entered in the Internal description and Solution fields.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Dashboard: MikroTik Dashboard modified
  • Improvement in the creation of Mikrotik-Rate-Limit attributes based on tariff details: During RADIUS synchronization, all tariff parameters, including Burst, are correctly added to the Mikrotik-Rate-Limit attribute.
  • Text messages (SMS) with special characters + Cinterion MC39: Diacritics removed from text messages sent from Nagios
  • Client card / Active services - Internet service (PPPoE): Username check modified. Newly allowed characters: "@", "."," -"," _" .
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / By period: Same data in the overview and in the CSV export
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: If the number of invoices to be sent is 0, the Send invoices by e-mail icon is greyed out.
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: The number of clients without an email address is retrieved from the selected invoice group only.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: If you use the filters provided, the router overview will automatically get updated based on the settings.
  • Client card / History: Bug fix in the History
  • Settings / Syst. settings / VPN server: Status retrieval fixed (connected/disconected)
  • Invoicing / Forecast / Forecast: Invoicing forecast fixed
  • Settings / Contracts / Bulk: Bulk-generated contract download options fixed (DOC/PDF icons)
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