ISPadmin 5.05 beta2

22. 03. 2019

RELEASE DATE: 14.03.2019

New Dashboard

  • Dashboard has been revamped.
  • Its appearance has changed considerably.
  • Problems caused by very frequent updates of the individual parts have been resolved.

REST API: Administrators (Users)

Add Inventory items: Inactivity period check

  • Inactivity period check added to the Add Inventory items form.
  • When half of the period set in the auto_logout setting (Settings / Syst. settings / General) elapses, a window appears that informs you of the fact that autologout is getting near.
  • Tímto způsobem lze předejít možnému odhlášení ze systému během vyplňování formuláře.

Scheduling / Calendar

  • Individual tasks: Items Name and Time marked in bold.
  • Individual tasks: Font size increased --> text legibility improved.
  • Individual columns: Minimum column width set. Data in the columns are more legible. A horizontal scrollbar appears if the table does not fit on the screen.

Move photo gallery to another client

  • Client card / Photo gallery:Option Move photo gallery to another client added to the page.
  • Information about the transfer is recorded in the original client and the new client History.

Further changes

  • Clients / CATV: Column Email added to the table. Checkbox Email added to the table and export settings.
  • Clients/ Internet: Even when the Modem online or Client online checkbox was not checked in the table settings, the corresponding column appeared in the table.
  • Add/Edit device connected to router: Option HTTPS added to Active link.
  • Statistics / Servers stat / SMS: The queue may have contained SMS messages that were already sent off. It was not possible to delete these messages.
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