ISPadmin 5.06 beta2

17. 05. 2019

RELEASE DATE: May 16, 2019

Filter Internet services based on the "Contract period until" parameter

  • We have added a Contract period until filter to the overview of Internet services (Clients / Internet).
  • You can find the new filter option in the Details menu.
  • Once you select it, two new fields appear: FROM and TO. You can define a specific interval, or you can specify only the FROM part or the TO part.

Hardware / Routers / Router status / BW test

  • Column Test start added
  • Column Test status added: You can activate/deactivate a test here.
  • If you set the test start date to a later date, the test gets marked as ready to start.

Hardware / Settings / Ping settings

  • Four more settings have been added to the page:
    • Number of ping requests within a single process
    • Number of ping processes
    • Process start delay
    • Influx DB cache size
  • These settings can used to optimize the way ping works.
  • The predefined values are the recommended ones. Do not change them unless there is a compelling reason for you to do that!

Scheduling / Form Add/Edit a task

  • In the form, you can choose any number of technicians. Formerly, it was possible to assign only three technicians to any given task.
  • Document multiupload feature implemented: It is possible to upload more than one file at a time.
  • You can create any number of invoice items.

Further changes

  • Client card / Items from Inventory: Order by date option in the list of a client's goods fixed
  • Scheduling / Unscheduled: During task assignment, you can choose any number of technicians.
  • Scheduling / Report: Price for work and Time spent are calculated "in the same way", but the calculation is not limited to technicians.
  • Other / Bulk / Action: The Is not option in the filters did not work correctly.
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