ISPadmin 5.08 beta2

26. 09. 2019

RELEASE DATE: September 19, 2019

  • Sections Clients and Hardware rewritten into the new Bootstrap Framework
  • Column Client added to the table in Hardware / Settings / Ping settings / Individual. New option: Click through to the Client card.
  • New option: Click through from Hardware / Settings / Ping settings / Individual to Client card / Active services (by clicking on the name of a particular service).
  • Information about individual ping settings (IP address, expiration) provided for each relevant service in Client card / Active services. New options: Edit and Delete individual settings.
  • If the client IP address and the end device IP address are the same, it is not possible to monitor the client IP address.
  • Graphical displays of invoiced periods during individual invoice generation modified
  • Click-through option added to the overview of invoiced periods (click –> individual invoice details page)
  • CSV export option added to Invoicing / Overviews / Debts / Debts
  • Price format on invoices changed: For ease of reading, prices on invoices are divided into groups of three using a space as a thousands separator: 1234 –> 1 234
  • Layout of invoices with postal money orders modified
  • Payment preview in Invoicing / Bank / Email fixed
  • Restore cancelled invoice feature in Invoicing / Cancel / Invoices fixed
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