ISPadmin 5.08 beta3

07. 10. 2019

RELEASE DATE: October 4, 2019

Graphical modifications

  • Client IP address ping
  • Addition of further IP addresses to Internet services
  • IP address ranges
  • Horizontal scrollbar
  • More lines in text fields

Service job (task) documentation

  • The existing method of uploading required (requested) documents has been replaced with a multi-upload one.
  • If a particular client is selected and if the Save the documents to the Client card checkbox is checked, the documents will be saved to that client’s Card (Documents or Photo gallery).
  • The documents can be deleted from the Client card, but they remain in the service job documentation.
  • If you select a different client in the form, the uploaded documents will be automatically transferred from the original client’s Card to the new client’s Card.

Further changes

  • Display of commissions in the Dealer portal fixed
  • Client card / Active services: IDs added to services
  • API: Mailing address retrieval from IPTV and CATV services modified
  • Other / Free SMS: When the first field was not filled in, an error occurred. Fixed.
  • Other / Bulk / E-mail: Entered data check fixed
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