ISPadmin 5.09 beta2

18. 12. 2019

RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2019

Client contact information change in Client portal

  • If the sending of support requests from the Client portal is enabled in ci_auth_requests_enable (Settings / Syst. settings / Client portal) and if the Client data change feature in the Client portal is enabled in ci_enable_cllient_data_change (Settings / Syst. settings / Client portal), a client can change their contact email address, telephone number, mobile phone number and address (see below).
  • If the client wants to change their address, they have to send a support request from the Client portal (button Send Address change support request).
  • The request is sent to all the users who have the necessary permission (Settings / Administrators / Administrators): Section Scheduling - Checked box Send requests from the Client portal.
  • Based on this request, one of the users can go to the relevant Client card and change the address.

Backup configuration form

  • Settings / Syst. settings / Backups: A new field has been added to the backup configuration form: Confirm password.
  • This field will help to prevent typos from affecting the process of entering the password.
  • If the passwords entered are not the same, the user will be notified of the fact after clicking on the Save button.

Reserved IP address description (IP Pools NAT)

  • Statistics / IP ranges: In the overview of IP addresses, reserved IP addresses are displayed along with the description entered in Settings / IP Pools / IP Pools NAT (Note).
  • This way, it is much easier to identify what kind of IP address a given address is.

Bulk invoice deletion

  • Settings / Administrators / Administrators: A new permission setting has been added to the form: Delete invoices. It applies to the Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices tab. If the checkbox is unchecked, the user is not allowed to delete invoices in bulk.
  • Statistics / History / History: A new item has been added to the Invoicing / Invoices section: Bulk invoice deletion. When you click on the item, information will be displayed about who and when bulk-deleted invoices.

Export individual invoices to ZIP file option

  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: When you click on the Print invoices button, a window will appear in which you can check the Individual invoices (ZIP) checkbox.
  • If you check the box and then click on Proceed, a ZIP file will be created that contains individual invoices in PDF format (instead of one PDF file containing all invoices).
  • Names of PDF files with all invoices and ZIP files are as follows: Invoices_InvoiceGroup_Period or Invoices_Period. Names of individual invoices are as follows: Invoice_InvoiceNumber.

Further changes

  • Hardware / Routers / All: Switch uplink setting fixed
  • Scheduling / Overview: Filter by month feature fixed
  • Invoice payment cancellation: Page fixed
  • Minor modifications in the way the system is rendered on different devices
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