ISPadmin 5.10 beta2

28. 02. 2020

RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2020


  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Sidebar: New click-through buttons to the department settings and label settings pages
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Issues with filters, sorting and filter preferences fixed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Column widths in the ticket list changed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Button layout in the ticket detail view changed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Content width in the ticket detail view changed
  • Helpdesk / Settings: Maximum lengths of department, status, priority and label names specified
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: Checkbox Active added: Unchecked --> Emails not retrieved from the department
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: More information is provided to the user if a Connection error message appears.
  • Statistics / History / History / Helpdesk: Records restructured
  • Attachment issue fixed

Further changes

  • Client card / Information / Send SMS: If no mobile number is entered in the Client card, the system will not allow the user to send a text (SMS) message to the given client.
  • Client card / Active services: General service item check: If no item is given, the system will not allow the user to save the form.
  • Client card / Active services: Form Add/Edit IPTV service: The total price of IPTV packages is now displayed correctly.
  • Dashboard: Client names are now displayed correctly in the Received SMS widget.
  • Statistics / History / History / System / Settings / Backups: Backup configuration changes logged
  • Hardware / Routers / All: Devices connected to routers: Photo display issue fixed
  • Scheduling: Form Add/Edit task: Contract download options - DOC (RTF) or PDF - added to the form
  • Invoicing / Settings / General: Using the reminder_send_days variable, you can set whether automatic reminders are to be sent on working days only or not. Holidays entered on the Settings / Code lists / Scheduling / Holidays page are taken into account.
  • Invoicing / Bank / E-mail: Option Match payments with invoices again added to the page
  • Invoicing / Bank/ Import: Issue with imported payments file deletion fixed
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