ISPadmin 5.10 beta3

13. 03. 2020

RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2020

  • Clients / Internet, CATV, ... : It is now possible to export invoicing periods from the tables.
  • Clients / Internet: The Search restriction (Clients) setting from the user account configuration applies to this page too.
  • Client card / Active services: Preview of some Internet (PPPoE) services fixed: Login credentials added
  • Client card / Active services / VoIP / Other IP telephones: Field MAC address added to the form
  • Hardware / Switches: Information about the exact types of switches used added to the switch list
  • Hardware / Switches: When a new switch is created, its status is automatically set to Online.
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: Sending 0 invoices in bulk could cause problems later on. Fixed.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / By period: Generation of List of issued invoices modified
  • Other / Tools / Change router: When a subnet is transferred from one router to another (without AP), a copy of the relevant AP is created on the new router.
  • Other / Tools / Change tariff: New service type settings taken into account

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