New Task Manager

21. 05. 2020

We have finished rewritting the Task Manager mobile application.

The application enables you to manage tasks from the Scheduling module. It can be used, for example, by technicians during their daily activities. This way, they have all the necessary information at their disposal.


For you to be able to use it, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Task Manager is an application available for devices with OS Android (5.0 or later) and iOS (11.0 or later).
  • It is an optional module that is interlinked with the Scheduling module. Both these modules must be included in your license.
  • It is necessary to use ISPadmin 5.11 stable or later. It is not possible to use the new application with older versions of ISPadmin.
  • For the communication to work as it is supposed to, it is essential that the HTTPS certificate be set up correctly.

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When you launch the application, the login page will appear. Enter your username and password and the URL of the system (for example: If you set up an HTTPS certificate for the domain, do not enter an IP address into the URL field. If you do that, the system will reject the connection request.


There are several tabs in the application menu.

In the Tasks tab, you can find tasks that have been assigned to you. Each task contains its time frame, unique ID and brief description. You can click on the individual tasks in the list. When you do that, a page will appear with more information about a given task. You can edit tasks and add activities (solutions) to them. Using the app, you can also add new tasks to the system.

The Routers tab is visible only if you have permission to access the Routers tab in ISPadmin. If you have that permission, the system will display routers within a radius of 30 kilometers. The GPS feature on your device must be enabled. Also, GPS coordinates must be entered in the corresponding fields on the router configuration pages in the system. When you click on a particular router, you will get to the router details page. The page contains information about router distance, status, IP address and address. You can also test connection to the router or add a photo to the gallery.

The Clients tab is visible only if you have permission to access the Clients tab in ISPadmin. Only clients from allowed invoice groups are displayed. You can search the client list. When you click on a particular client, you will get to the client details page. The page contains information about the client address and Internet services. Also available is the client photo gallery.

In the Map tab, you can see clients, routers, ... on the map. In the map settings, you can choose particular layers and filters.

The Push Notifications tab contains notifications that inform you of new and changed tasks.

In the Preferences tab, you can set whether you want tasks to be transferred to the calendar of your device, whether photos are to be uploaded to the system only in the case of Wi-Fi connection and whether the map is to be displayed on the client/router details page.

The About tab contains basic information about the Task Manager application.

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