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ISPadmin 5.00

ISPadmin 5.00 stable


Major changes

  • New version of the operating system Debian – Debian 9
  • Newer version of the database system MySQL – MySQL 5.7
  • New version of PHP – PHP 7.2
  • Everything migrated to the new Nette Framework
  • Code optimization and script modifications
  • ISPadmin is now faster, more powerful and more secure. Better compatibility with newer technologies and easier implementation of new features are ensured.


  • Add an Internet service: A “magnifying glass” feature for IP Pool RADIUS has been added to the form.
  • Client card / Active services: A subnet description is added, based on the routed network description entered in the configuration of a given router.


  • User permission settings (Settings / Administrators / Administrators): The transfer to the new system of permission settings has been completed. It is necessary that you check the settings of all the users in the system and make the necessary changes. The most significant differences are in the invoicing-related settings.
  • It is now possible to copy permission settings from one user to another.
  • SNMP template settings (Settings / Other / SNMP OID): Delete buttons (delete individual rows) have been added to the form.


  • Bulk sending of invoices: The process has been optimized. Information on the progress of the process is displayed.
  • Invoicing / Bank / E-mail: An Invoicing group column has been added to the overview of matched payments.