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ISPadmin 5.31

5.31 stable – build 26/01/2024 07:54

  • A problem with the remember filters feature in some overviews has been fixed.

5.31 stable – build 17/01/2024 15:20

  • Clients / Contacts: An issue with sorting by balance has been fixed.

5.31 beta2 – build 11/01/2024 15:32

  • Client card / Active services: When the Individual price checkbox in the Internet service settings was unchecked, the function for the automatic change of the tariff description on invoices did not work properly. Fixed.
  • Client card / Documents: The following variables have been added to the list: $INTERNET_SUSPENDED_FROM$ (Internet service and its invoicing suspended from), $INTERNET_SUSPENDED_TO$ (Internet service and its invoicing suspended to) and $INTERNET_SERVICE_SUSPEND_REPEAT$ (Internet service and its invoicing suspension repetition).
  • Scheduling / Calendar (new calendar): Changes have been made to the way the calendar is rendered.
  • Invoicing: Some descriptions on credit notes have been changed.
  • Invoicing: The handling of proforma invoice dates has been changed.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: If a ticket is highlighted in orange in the list, the Last activity column contains an icon with a message explaining the status.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details: When you want to insert a template into a message, you can now choose one of the following two options (two buttons available): You can use the template and delete any previous message contents. Or you can insert the template into the message without deleting any previous message contents.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details: When the ticket properties are changed, the previously displayed option to add a label does not get hidden.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details: It is now possible to use templates for the Forward feature.
  • Minor fixes related to the REST API have been made.

5.31 beta1 – build 15/12/2023 14:49

  • A document signing issue has been fixed.
  • A link creation check has been fixed.

5.31 beta1 – build 07/12/2023 16:34

  • Client card / Information: The logging of client mobile phone number changes has been modified.
  • Hardware / Settings / POP types: The rendering of the radiobuttons on the form has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Settings / Antenna templates: New options have been added to the Frequency range setting: 5.2 GHz and 5.6 GHz.
  • IPv6 firewall rules defined on routers are now applied.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / Inventory / Other: The Move up and Move down features in the Description of pending items on invoices table have been fixed.
  • Other / Backups / Routers: Router types without backup support are excluded from the overview. Also excluded are routers with deactivated backups (if no backup exists from the past).
  • Other / Bulk / Email, SMS and Action: The rendering of the form with the filters has been reworked to be clearer.
  • Other / Tools: The Navigation structure tool has been moved from this page to the User settings in the top panel (tab Navigation structure).
  • Other / Server stats / History / History: Records about SMS messages with signature codes sent to clients are newly entered into the system history (section System / Messages / SMS / SMS messages with signature codes).
  • Helpdesk: It is now much easier to insert inline image attachments into the email text editor. You can use the clipboard or a special button for file upload from the disk.