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ISPadmin 5.33

5.33 stable – build 02/07/2024 10:49

  • Client card / Information: Invoice due date setting validation has been modified.

5.33 stable – build 26/06/2024 13:42

  • Settings / Administrators / Administrators: The display of the last login times of users has been fixed.

5.33 stable – build 21/06/2024 08:25

  • An error related to the push notification changes has been fixed.

5.33 stable – build 20/06/2024 15:04

  • An error related to the push notification changes has been fixed.

5.33 stable – build 20/06/2024 09:00

  • As of June 21, 2024, support for the legacy method of sending notifications to OS Android devices comes to an end, which is why we have made all the necessary changes so that everything corresponds to the new requirements. Please upgrade your system as soon as possible to be able to use these notifications!

5.33 stable – build 13/06/2024 11:25

  • A NetMonitor notification issue related to temporarily unreachable devices has been fixed.

5.33 stable – build 12/06/2024 14:58

  • The conversion of lowercase letters to uppercase ones has been added for GPON SNs.
  • In some cases, NetMonitor notifications could contain variables instead of particular values. Fixed.

5.33 beta3 – build 06/06/2024 20:16

  • Client card: Client numbers can be copied to the clipboard with one click.
  • Client card / Tasks: An error could appear when closing recurring tasks. Fixed.
  • Scheduling / Calendar: The individual columns in the daily calendar are visually distinguished for greater clarity.
  • Scheduling / Calendar: The sorting of unspecified tasks by creation date has been fixed.
  • Scheduling / Calendar: Completed tasks are shown with a checkmark in the calendar. However, in some cases the checkmark may be hidden due to several overlapping tasks, which is why completed tasks are further distinguished from incomplete tasks by hatch patterns and opacity.
  • Scheduling / Calendar: The calendar has been optimised for use on mobile devices.
  • Other / Map: When the position of one of the points was changed, the terrain profile could be, under certain circumstances, rendered incorrectly. Fixed.
  • For mobile devices, the display of notifications after login has been modified. Moreover, a cross icon has been added to the window to make it easier to close.

5.33 beta2 – build 03/06/2024 13:29

  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: An invoice generation issue that could appear under certain circumstances has been fixed.

5.33 beta2 – build 31/05/2024 10:26

  • Client card / Services: An error upon entry to the general service settings form has been fixed.

5.33 beta2 – build 29/05/2024 15:44

  • Client card / Invoicing: The display of hatch patterns in the overviews of invoiced periods has been fixed.
  • Client card / Invoicing / Refund overpayment: An overpayment refund issue has been fixed.
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoice details / Edit invoice: When a new item is being added to an invoice, the Invoice from and Invoice to fields are automatically prefilled with the values from the last item on the invoice.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: An issue with the generation of router backup status notifications has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Dashboard: Missing versions have been added to the overview of downloaded and available RouterOS versions.
  • Photo galleries: There are new options available for uploaded photos: Rotate by 90 degrees clockwise and Rotate by 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  • Other / Server stats / History / History: Unnecessary records are no longer saved to the Hardware / Routers / MikroTik – Service status section.

5.33 beta1 – build 17/05/2024 09:30

  • Hardware / NetMonitor: The new tab Unlinked devices was displayed in another section of the menu. Fixed.
  • The calendar display optimization for the landscape mode on mobile devices has been performed.

5.33 beta1 – build 15/05/2024 14:01

  • Minor graphical changes have been made.

5.33 beta1 – build 14/05/2024 13:10

System migration to PHP 8.2

  • The entire system has been migrated to PHP 8.2. This will enable further development and will ensure the compatibility and support for the individual components used.

New menu

  • It is no longer possible to switch the menu to the original version!
  • The individual levels of the menu are now visually distinct to make orientation easier.
  • The highlighting of the present tab in the mobile version of the menu has been fixed.
  • The horizontal menu in the Cards (together with the header) is anchored at the top of the pages. It stays there when you are scrolling.

Individual automatic logout settings

  • When you click on the User settings button in the top panel, a page appears on which you can find a new setting for automatic logout.
  • After upgrade to this version, the setting is prefilled with the value from the global setting auto_logout.
  • Each individual user can change the value to a different one based on their needs.
  • The value in the global setting is then used as the default value for new users.

Contract summaries

  • Settings / Syst. settings / General: Using the services_summary_enabled setting, you can activate or deactivate the automatic generation of contract summaries for individual services.
  • Settings / Documents / Summaries: Here you can add, edit and delete contract summary templates. In the settings, you can restrict templates to a particular invoice group or service type. If you do not see the tab, check your user account settings in Settings / Administrators / Administrators.
  • Summaries in PDF can be found in the lists of services in the Client cards.
  • Summaries are automatically regenerated when the corresponding clients or services are edited.
  • Summaries can be sent to clients using the Send summary via email option, which is located in the drop down menu for a given service.


  • Scheduling / Calendar
  • Before this version, it was possible to switch between the old calendar and the new one using the provided toggle. In this version, it is no longer possible to do that. The old calendar has been completely removed from the system. Only the new one is available.
  • The new calendar has features that were never added to the old calendar (see previous changelogs). Moreover, this version incorporates several changes that are supposed to maximize the usage of the available space. The heading and toggle have been removed from the new calendar. Spaces between the individual elements on the page have been minimized. The side menu has been made narrower.
  • Also available are new buttons that allow you to move left/right/up/down within the calendar.
  • The daily view contains a red line that indicates the current time.
  • The daily view also contain a new button: Yesterday. You can use it to get quickly to that day.
  • Completed tasks no longer change their original color to green. Their original color remains intact. Only a check mark is displayed within them.
  • Under certain circumstances, the tooltip in the minicalendar did not get hidden. Fixed.

Saved contacts for email forwarding

  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details / Forward
  • When emails are forwarded, the system automatically saves the email addresses used for a given user.
  • These addresses are offered to the user during the next forwarding (sorted by frequency of use).
  • The saved contacts can be edited or deleted by clicking on the Edit saved contacts button.

Further changes:

  • Clients / Contacts: A new option has been added to the Labels filter: No label.
  • Clients / Services: A new option has been added to the Labels filters: No label.
  • Client card / Helpdesk: The display of the telephone number options on offer and of the Link to service setting has been fixed.
  • Hardware: The duplicate IP address check feature has been modified to cover further device types. These checks are performed only if the feature is enabled in the check_hw_ip_duplicity item in Settings / Syst. settings / General.
  • Hardware / Routers: SNMP alerts can now be added to all types of routers with the exception of the Virtual type.
  • Hardware / Other devices: Links to SNMP graphs have been added to the page (in relevant cases).
  • Hardware / NetMonitor: A new tab has been added to this section: Unlinked devices. If you do not see it, check the corresponding permission in the user account settings (Settings / Administrators / Administrators).
  • Hardware / IP pools: The lists now include even other devices with IP addresses.
  • When you clicked through from the POP map to the Client card, it was not possible to switch to another tab. Fixed.
  • All task lists: When you clicked on the Edit task button, a new page was opened. Fixed.
  • Invoicing / Settings / Templates / General services: You can set VAT rates for the individual items on the form.
  • Other / Map: The display of some links has been fixed.
  • REST API: It is now possible to retrieve the number of licenses (see documentation).