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Task activities and work reports

  • You can add individual task activities in the Activities section of the task form.
  • There can be more than one activity. Activities can be added by more than one user.
  • The list of previous activities can be found in the Previous activities section.
  • When filling out this part of the form, you have to enter the data correctly so that the activity at hand is assigned to the correct user and displayed in the correct work report.
  • In the User field, you have to choose the user that really performed the given activity (work).
  • If someone else enters activities into the system, they need to choose the correct user.
  • If the person entering the data did not perform any task-related acitivity, they should not be chosen in the field.
  • If they enter data for more than one user, they have to do it one by one.
  • Each activity has certain properties: Time spent and Price.
  • If you want the data in the individual work reports to be correct, you need to enter the correct data into the Time spent fields (how long the particular activity took up).
  • If there are, for example, two users performing task-related activities and one of them spent 1.5 hours on it and the other 0.5 hours, you have to choose the first user for the first activity and enter 1 h and 30 min and then you have to choose the other user for the second activity and enter 30 min. If you enter 2 hours for both activities, the values will not reflect the reality. If you enter 2 hours for both activities, it means that each user spent 2 hours on the task.