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There is a tab missing from the menu.

If you find out that a certain tab is missing from the menu, it is first necessary to check whether you are allowed to see the tab at all. In most cases, the missing tab issue is caused by one of the following:

  • A particular module is not included in your license, which is why you cannot see a given tab. For example, if the Invoicing Module is not included in your license, you cannot see the Invoicing tab in the Main menu or the Client card menu. You can find out which modules are included in the relevant section in Clients / Home page or in Dashboard. If you want to use the tab, you need to have the corresponding module added to your license. Please contact our Sales Department (
  • Even when the module is included in your license, it does not necessarily mean that you have access to a given tab. In the user permission settings (Settings / Administrators / Administrators), it is possible to forbid a user from entering certain parts of the system. In this case, contact your system administrator (someone whose responsibility is to set user permission settings) and ask them to check your user permission settings.
  • Visibility of some of the tabs depends on whether certain data has been entered into the system or whether certain settings has been made correctly.

If you still cannot find the cause of the problem, contact our Technical Support (