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ISPadmin 5.10

ISPadmin 5.10 stable

RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2020

  • Text router backups: Download option fixed
  • Statistics / Client stat. / Service overview: Table fixed

ISPadmin 5.10 beta3

RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2020

  • Clients / Internet, CATV, … : It is now possible to export invoicing periods from the tables.
  • Clients / Internet: The Search restriction (Clients) setting from the user account configuration applies to this page too.
  • Client card / Active services: Preview of some Internet (PPPoE) services fixed: Login credentials added
  • Client card / Active services / VoIP / Other IP telephones: Field MAC address added to the form
  • Hardware / Switches: Information about the exact types of switches used added to the switch list
  • Hardware / Switches: When a new switch is created, its status is automatically set to Online.
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: Sending 0 invoices in bulk could cause problems later on. Fixed.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / By period: Generation of List of issued invoices modified
  • Other / Tools / Change router: When a subnet is transferred from one router to another (without AP), a copy of the relevant AP is created on the new router.
  • Other / Tools / Change tariff: New service type settings taken into account

ISPadmin 5.10 beta2

RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2020


  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Sidebar: New click-through buttons to the department settings and label settings pages
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Issues with filters, sorting and filter preferences fixed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Column widths in the ticket list changed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Button layout in the ticket detail view changed
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Content width in the ticket detail view changed
  • Helpdesk / Settings: Maximum lengths of department, status, priority and label names specified
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: Checkbox Active added: Unchecked –> Emails not retrieved from the department
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: More information is provided to the user if a Connection error message appears.
  • Statistics / History / History / Helpdesk: Records restructured
  • Attachment issue fixed

Further changes

  • Client card / Information / Send SMS: If no mobile number is entered in the Client card, the system will not allow the user to send a text (SMS) message to the given client.
  • Client card / Active services: General service item check: If no item is given, the system will not allow the user to save the form.
  • Client card / Active services: Form Add/Edit IPTV service: The total price of IPTV packages is now displayed correctly.
  • Dashboard: Client names are now displayed correctly in the Received SMS widget.
  • Statistics / History / History / System / Settings / Backups: Backup configuration changes logged
  • Hardware / Routers / All: Devices connected to routers: Photo display issue fixed
  • Scheduling: Form Add/Edit task: Contract download options – DOC (RTF) or PDF – added to the form
  • Invoicing / Settings / General: Using the reminder_send_days variable, you can set whether automatic reminders are to be sent on working days only or not. Holidays entered on the Settings / Code lists / Scheduling / Holidays page are taken into account.
  • Invoicing / Bank / E-mail: Option Match payments with invoices again added to the page
  • Invoicing / Bank/ Import: Issue with imported payments file deletion fixed

ISPadmin 5.10 beta1

RELEASE DATE: February 6, 2020

New module: Helpdesk

  • A test version of Helpdesk has been implemented into version 5.10 beta 1.
  • The module is intended primarily for email communication between system users and clients.
  • If you want to have a look at the module, please ask our Sales Department for the activation.
  • You can try it out for free until the end of February.
  • Then, it will be deactivated.
  • Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to choose whether you want to use the paid version of Helpdesk or not.

Concurrent running of several invoicing actions blocked

  • If users try to perform several invoicing actions (individual invoice generation, bulk invoice generation and deletion, invoice cancellation, credit note generation, invoiced periods change, invoice change, etc.) in the same invoice group or client at (appoximately) the same time, all but one action will be blocked in order to prevent any unwanted interferences from occuring between the individual processes.
  • A message is displayed for all blocked actions. In it, the user is informed of the fact that the action in question could not be completed for some reason or of the fact that the validity of the preview in question expired.
  • If the user still wants to perform the action, they are asked to start anew because the invoicing data has changed.

Further changes

  • Client card / Information: New checkbox in the Different address section of the Add/Edit contact form. If you check the box, the different address will appear on invoices not only in the Invoiced to section, but also in the Mailing address section.
  • Client card / Information: Do not suspend checkbox malfunction on Android devices fixed
  • Client card / Active services: Copy service bug fixed
  • Variable $CLI_RETURNED_CONTRACT$ fixed
  • Hardware: Support for MikroTik 60 GHz devices added
  • Hardware / Switches: Now it is possible to specify a port in the Active link item.
  • Scheduling: Task PDF file generation modified
  • Scheduling: Permissions for the Open task button modified
  • Settings / Tariffs: Tariff deletion bug fixed
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Accounting: Overview rendering bug fixed