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ISPadmin 5.12

ISPadmin 5.12 stable

RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2020

We would like to inform you that as part of the upgrade to the new version a host of original graphs will be converted to new ones. The process may thus take a lot longer. This applies mainly to those who will upgrade their system from version 5.11 stable to this one. Schedule the upgrade accordingly.

  • Hardware: Scripts for generating Cambium and Canopy graphs modified
  • Client portal / Helpdesk: Default ticket order changed

ISPadmin 5.12 beta2

RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2020

Tickets in the Client portal

  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: In the configuration of an active department, you can specify that the department is to be used for tickets from the Client portal (checkbox Use for CP requests). Only one department can be used at a time.
  • If the box is checked, a new tab Helpdesk will appear in the Client portal.
  • On the page, a client can find an overview of communication between them and the provider (through the Client portal).
  • If there is no email address in the Client card, the client cannot create a new ticket.

Further changes

  • Client card / Invoicing: A rounding problem after payment cancellation has been fixed.
  • Hardware: CMTS graphs have been modified. Newly converted graphs have been fixed. In some cases, the upgrade may take longer than usual.
  • Hardware: When pinging a device that is no longer in use, the system will display the ping data correctly.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: The default view of interface ping graphs has been changed to Day.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Dashboard: Retrieval of data about Packet sniffer services has been modified due to changes in a new RouterOS version.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / General: Two items have been added: system_secondary_mail and system_secondary_mail_name. You can enter another system email address and its name into them. You can then choose this address in one of the selectboxes in the Client card.
  • Settings / Info page / Profiles: Previews have been fixed.
  • Scheduling / Report: There is a new option “-” in the Type filter. If you choose this option, all types of tasks will be displayed. The system type All can be renamed.
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: A message about successful completion of invoice sending was displayed incorrectly on Apple devices. Fixed.
  • Invoicing / Settings / Templates / Inv. templates: The entered data check has been fixed.

ISPadmin 5.12 beta1

RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2020

New Dashboard

  • If you click on the Dashboard icon in the top panel, a new version of Dashboard will appear.
  • There are several sections there: Overview, Alerts, Network, Finance and System.
  • In the page settings, you can choose which parts are to be displayed.
  • You need to have the relevant permissions to be able to see all the options.
  • In the Overview section, you can view information about active users, new tickets, offline routers, tasks, tickets, messages, outages, Nagios notifications, received SMS messages and routers with high CPU load.
  • In the Alerts section, system alerts are displayed. You cannot disable them. They have to do with the license used, overdue invoices, passwords, firewall and SSH.
  • In the Network section, router statistics and overview of offline routers are displayed.
  • In the Finance section, you can view invoicing statistics and a list of clients with unpaid overdue invoices.
  • In the System section, system information, statistics and the modules used are displayed.
  • Data in the individual sections are regurarly (automatically) updated.


  • You can add, edit, delete and (de)activate labels in Settings / Code lists / Labels.
  • A very similar page is available in the Helpdesk settings: Helpdesk / Settings / Labels.
  • You enter a name, pick a color and select whether a given label is a system label, helpdesk label or both.
  • If you check the Helpdesk ticket box, you can choose whether it is supposed to be restricted to a certain department only.
  • You can assign labels to individual tickets, clients and services.
  • You can then use these labels as filters in the individual overview pages (Contacts, Internet, CATV, etc.).
  • You can also use them as filters in Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices. This way, you can select which services are to be invoiced.
  • You can generate invoices for services that have a particular label or for services that all the labels at once (AND option).

Further changes

  • Clients: Filters: Select box option width modified in the individual overviews
  • Clients / Contacts: When you are adding/editing a client, neither hidden nor unallowed invoiced groups are offered.
  • Clients / Contacts, Internet, VoIP, IPTV and General service: New column Flat in the overviews as well as exports
  • Client card / Information: When you change the GPS coordinates in the client settings, they will automatically be changed in the Internet service settings unless the Different installation address option is checked.
  • Client card / Information: The Do not suspend till feature and the related logs have been modified.
  • Client card / Internet statistics: In the Another IP address section, you can now click on a new icon that will take you to the relevant graphs.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: If a device with a MAC address is allocated to a client and if the MAC address is not in use yet, then the MAC address will be automatically offered below the Client MAC address field in the Add/Edit Internet service form. If you click on the address, it will be automatically copied to the field.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: Subordinate service monitoring option added
  • Client card / Active services / IPTV: Tariffs sorted by alphabet
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoice details / Send reminder via email: List of system variables button added to the page
  • Hardware: First version of another batch of new graphs: WiFi signal, device traffic, cable modems, switches, etc. Any imperfections will be resolved in the upcoming versions.
  • Hardware: When you are adding a so-called device connected to the router, GPS coordinates from its superordinate router (if any) are automatically entered into the relevant field by the system.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: Routed networks: If you enter a network in the Address/32 form, the system will not check whether the default router IP address is filled in or not.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / General: The system now checks whether the value in the load_balancing_core setting is valid.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / Backup: New items have been added to the Local system backup section: Send backup status information and To the email address. If you check the box, a field will appear into which you can enter an email address. The system will then send to that address info emails about backup success or failure and about FTP server backup errors.
  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Item types: You can now enter a sale price into the form. When you are adding items to Inventory using a barcode reader, the price from the code list is automatically entered into the relevant column by the system.
  • Statistics / History / History: Global email and SMS template changes are now logged.
  • Scheduling: API: Implementation of support for reading and writing task-related data
  • Scheduling / Calendar: Calendar header fixed in one place
  • Invoicing / Overpayments / Overpayments: The page that appears when you click on the Show automatically generated CSV files option has been fixed (Year).
  • Other / Import / VoIP import: Dial Telecom import procedure modified
  • Helpdesk: You can now receive notifications of tickets that have been assigned to you and of new replies in those assigned tickets. You need to check the Via email box in the Notifications / Helpdesk section in Settings / Administrators / Administrators.
  • Helpdesk: You can now receive notifications of new (unassigned) tickets. You need to check the Send info about unassigned tickets box in the Notifications / Helpdesk section in Settings / Administrators / Administrators.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: You can change the order of departments by drag and drop.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: You can collapse and expand individual departments using the arrows provided.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Space optimization in the sidebar
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: The column name Number of posts has been replaced with an icon.
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Department: The selected protocol is now displayed correctly.
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Templates: New field added to the template creation form: Subject.
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Text settings: You can specify the default text formatting for tickets (font, font size, color, line height, font weight).
  • Non-breaking spaces in SMS messages are converted to regular spaces before they are sent.
  • A new Dealer invoices past due date alert has been added to the Home page (which appears immediately after successful login). You can see the alert only if you have the relavant permission.
  • Minor problems with data retrieval from some devices have been fixed.
  • Conditions for the display of the Different HW fingerprint alert after server reboot have been modified.