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ISPadmin 5.19

ISPadmin 5.19 stable

RELEASE DATE: September 2, 2021

  • Other / Server stats / SMS queue: If messages are resent, the number of attempts is reset.
  • Client portal / Create new Client portal password: The path for the displayed logo has been modified.
  • The rendition of the additional text on invoices has been modified for cases where the stamp settings are not specified.

ISPadmin 5.19 beta2

RELEASE DATE: August 17, 2021

  • Client card / Invoicing / Issue invoice: A confirm box error has been fixed that appeared when the entered invoice number did not comply with the Highest invoice number + 1 rule.
  • Hardware / Netmonitor / History and Notifications: Filtering by date has been fixed.
  • Settings / Active services / General: The accounting code name check is not performed if the accounting code feature is disabled (Invoicing / Settings / General / item predkontace).
  • Helpdesk / Settings / Parser / Separators: A new item has been added to the form: Description. The corresponding column has been added to the table.

ISPadmin 5.19 beta1

RELEASE DATE: July 29, 2021

Main menu changes

  • Clients / Internet –> Clients / Services / Internet
  • Clients / CATV –> Clients / Services / CATV
  • Clients / DVBC –> Clients / Services / DVBC
  • Clients / VoIP –> Clients / Services / VoIP
  • Clients / General service –> Clients / Services / General service
  • Clients / IPTV –> Clients / Services / IPTV
  • Clients / Mobile –> Clients / Services / Mobile
  • Statistics / Server stats –> Other / Server stats
  • Statistics / Data –> Clients / Statistics / Data
  • Statistics / History –> Other / Server stats / History
  • Statistics / IP phones –> Clients / Services / VoIP / IP phones
  • Statistics / IPTV STB –> Clients / Services / IPTV / IPTV STB
  • Statistics / IP ranges –> Hardware / IP ranges
  • Statistics / Client stats –> Clients / Statistics
  • Statistics / Client stats / Service overview –> Clients / Services / Service overview
  • Statistics / Client stats / Cancellations –> Clients / Services / Cancellations
  • Statistics / Unlinked CATV –> Clients / Services / CATV / Unlinked CATV
  • Statistics / Syslog –> Hardware / Syslog
  • Statistics / WiFi list –> Hardware / Routers / Router status / WiFi list
  • Statistics / IP addresses –> Clients / Statistics / IP addresses
  • Statistics / Deactivated clients –> Clients / Deactivated clients

Internal messages

  • The Clients / Message board tab has been removed.
  • In the Internal messages widget in Dashboard, new buttons are available that can be used to display all messages (All messages) or set up the messages (Settings).
  • To be able to use this widget, you need to have the Internal messages permission in the Rights for Dashboard section (Settings/ Administrators / Administrators).
  • Category information and the corresponding colors have been added to the widget as well.
  • Descriptions have been changed.
  • It is now possible to create a new message without specifying a category.

Discount code list

  • Invoicing / Settings / Code lists / Discounts: Here you create a list of various discounts. The discounts will then appear on the service form.
  • If you cannot see this tab, check your user account settings in Settings / Administrators / Administrators.
  • Client card / Active services / Add Internet service: In the discount section, click on the new button and choose one of the options. The corresponding discount type, value and name are set up by the system.

Photo gallery transfers

  • Further photo gallery transfer options have been added to the existing ones.
  • Now it is possible to move galleries between clients, routers and POPs.
  • When you click on the relevant button, you can choose where to move the photo gallery. Select one of the options from the Move to menu: Client, Router or POP. In the next section, find a particular place to which you want to move the gallery and use the Move photo gallery button.

MikroTik router firewall filter

  • If the Apply firewall rules option is set to a parent router, it is now possible to activate the application of the default FW to the edited router.
  • If the Apply firewall rules option is disabled, it is possible to activate the application of the default FW only to the edited router.
  • Formerly, the default FW rules were applied only if the rules were to be applied locally.

Switches without port retrieval

  • You can add a new switch without port retrieval to the system (SOHO switches).
  • It is necessary to modify the corresponding switch template: Enable the No port retrieval option.
  • Ports of such switches can be normally assigned to Internet services. Lists of clients on those switches are displayed in the router overview.
  • When adding new Internet services, you can choose even switches from subordinate routers.

User settings

  • Settings / Administrators / Administrators
  • The page containing the form has been reworked. When you get to the page, the individual sections are collapsed. The form is more compact as a result.
  • You can expand or collapse individual sections or all sections at once.
  • A new field on the form allows you to find the section(s) containing the search term.

Further changes

  • Client card / Information / Send email: The replacement of variables with concrete values after active service selection has been modified.
  • Client card / Information / Edit: The Do not suspend setting has been fixed.
  • Client card / Internet statistics: A link has been added to the Access point item.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: Short forms of network masks have been added to the overview.
  • Client card / Tasks / Add new task: Incorrect retrieval of the default task type under certain conditions has been fixed.
  • Client card / Invoicing / Issue invoice: A reverse charge issue in the Other invoice items section has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Routers / All / Particular router / Edit: The menu in the QoS performed on / Dependent on setting now contains different sections: Routers performing QoS and Routers (the rest of the routers).
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers: For MikroTik routers, it is now possible to retrieve voltage data from more than one power supply unit. The graphs have been modified too.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers: Up to 10000 routers can be displayed on a single page.
  • Hardware / GPON / OLT: SNMP graph links have been added to the page.
  • Hardware / POPs / All: A new column has been added to the table: ID.
  • Hardware / POPs / Overview: All the columns from the corresponding POP card tables can now be found in the list of devices in the pop-up window of a particular POP.
  • Hardware / POPs / Overview: The Add new POP or link actions can be disabled by clicking on Esc.
  • POP card: The ID description has been added to the card.
  • POP card / Devices / Bulk assign devices to POP: A header has been added to the column containing device IDs.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor: A new category has been added to the system: Error. Two new events has been added as well: Warning and Critical. Those are used for notifications of non-existent POPs and duplicate IP addresses.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor: During reload, the system takes into account changes made to the netMonitorEmailAddress setting.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor / Overview: Loading of the tab has been optimized.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor / History: You can enter the From and To dates.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor / Notifications: You can enter the From and To dates.
  • Problems with ping requests with the Malformed status have been fixed.
  • Plotting of outages has been changed for WiFi graphs, traffic graphs and ping graphs.
  • The UBNT backup process has been modified.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / General: A new setting has been added to the list: disable_old_ssl. You can use it to deactivate older TLS versions.
  • Settings / Alerts / Default: A new column has been added to the table: Device type.
  • Scheduling / Task list: It is not possible to edit activities for closed tasks.
  • Scheduling / Add task: The User SMS notification option is now available for all task categories.
  • Scheduling / Report: Totals have been added to the table and the PDF export. In the Task price column, the amount entered in the task specification is always displayed.
  • In the reminder settings, you can now check the Do not send PDF reminders box. If the box is checked, PDF versions of reminders are not sent to clients.
  • Other / Bulk: You can use a particular POP as a filter (Devices in the POP). You can also add all the dependent POPs (Include devices in all the dependent POPs).
  • Other / Bulk / SMS: A multiple mobile phone number issue has been fixed.
  • Other / Map: The map uses Leaflet.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: The sidebar can be hidden.
  • Dashboard: Data retrieval has been optimized.
  • Dashboard / Alerts: In the frequency-related widgets, further device modes are taken into account.
  • The destination address is retained even when the user is not logged in. Once the user logs in, they are redirected to the requested page.