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ISPadmin 5.23

ISPadmin 5.23 stable

RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2022

  • Client card / Active services: When an Internet service is changed to GPON from another type, the irrelevant parameters are reset.
  • Hardware / GPON / Settings / VLAN: The service counter and the corresponding links have been fixed.

ISPadmin 5.23 beta2

RELEASE DATE: June 15, 2022

SMTP and SSH settings

  • The smtp_restriction, smtp_trust_servers, ssh_restriction and ssh_trust_servers settings have been moved to Settings / Syst. settings / General.
  • They affect the firewall filters on Linux and Mikrotik routers.
  • Their primary purpose is to maximize network security.
  • They allow you to enable communication via the key SSH and SMTP ports (22 and 25) only for the specified servers (clients).
  • The smtp_trust_servers and ssh_trust_servers settings are used for entering the IP addresses of the key servers from which or to which SSH and SMTP communication is enabled (email servers in the network, SSH servers, etc.).
  • In the individual client service settings, you can enable the communication from the IP address of the service.
  • The specified rules are then incorporated into the firewall of the servers. Within the tree, you can find a DROP rule ispadmin_service_forward (where communication using the secured ports is enabled), followed by ispadmin_basic_forward (where all the communication of the clients specified by the system is enabled) and a final DROP_forward.
  • ssh_restriction: In this version, we recommend that the setting be deactivated because SMTP and SSH communication is blocked in both directions (with the exception of allowed IP addresses and services). From version 5.24 beta1 on, only the incoming SSH communication is blocked (with the exception of allowed IP addresses and services). Outgoing communication to port 22 is allowed for all from the ISP network based on the ispadminGlobalIpList address list, which is created automatically from the routed networks and from the IP addresses of devices in the system.

Further changes

  • Client card / Invoicing / Issue invoice: Retrieval of services has been modified.
  • Scheduling: A link to the Client card is again attached to the client name in scheduling emails.
  • Dashboard: Phone number-client name matching has been modified for the purposes of the Incoming SMS messages widget.

Build 20/06/2022 11:11

  • Client portal: Contact search based on the entered email address for the purposes of sending a new password creation email has been modifed.

ISPadmin 5.23 beta1

RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2022

Technology based on GPS

  • New optional submodule of the Network management and monitoring module
  • Based on access points, coverage rules specified in Hardware / POPs / Coverage and installation addresses, it is possible for the system to preselect the offered service types (technologies), routers and tariffs in the Internet service settings.
  • There is a new option in the Internet service settings: Set based on GPS. When you click on the button, the values in the relevant menus are set up (options are preselected).
  • Data can be updated using the Reload button.
  • GPS-based restrictions can be removed by clicking on the cross icon. If the restrictions are removed, the user returns to the standard mode for entering service attributes.
  • For this feature, the system takes into account devices associated with routers too.
  • In the OLT access points settings, you can now specify the router to which the access point is connected so that the above-mentioned restrictions can be applied in this case as well.
  • If you are interested, please contact our Sales department.

Email addresses in the invoice group settings

  • Invoicing / Settings / Invoice groups
  • In the invoice group settings, it is now possible to enter an email address that will be used for invoice and reminder sending – Email (outgoing email) – and a completely different email adress that will be displayed on invoices and reminders – Email (invoice).
  • After upgrade to this version, the system will, by default, use the same address for both, but this setting can be changed at any time.

Link tickets to tasks

  • The table for linking tickets to tasks has been reworked.
  • A new column has been added to the table: Status.
  • The tickets offered are displayed immediately and with no restrictions.
  • When you are linking a ticket to a task in the Client card, the new option Search for tickets assigned to this client only is set to Yes. That means that only tickets that are assigned to the given client may be displayed. If necessary, you can change the setting to No. In that case, even tickets that are not assigned to the client are displayed.
  • There is no longer any Save button. If you want to link a ticket to a task, you need to select a particular ticket, choose the Link to ticket option from the Action selectbox and confirm the choice.

Helpdesk statistics

  • Helpdesk / Settings / General: A new setting has been added to the list: helpdeskSLATimeFirstReply. Here you can specify the maximum time allowed (in hours) to respond to a newly created incoming ticket.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Tickets without a response within the specified time are highlighted in orange in the ticket list.
  • Helpdesk / Statistics / Statistics: A new section has been added to the page: General tables. In it, you can view the Tickets without a response within the specified time widget. The table contains a list of tickets without a response within the specified time.
  • Helpdesk / Statistics / Statistics: You can download CSV exports containing data from the relevant widgets.

Further changes

  • Clients / Deactivated clients: Options in the Labels filter have been fixed.
  • Client card / Internet statistics: End device links have been fixed (protocol).
  • Client card / Cancellations: If the Automatically delete the service at the end of the notice period checkbox is checked, a new option appears: Deactivate the client at the end of the notice period. If the option is checked, the system deactivates the client at the end of the notice period (all client services are deleted in the process).
  • Client card / Connections: A new option has been added to the list: Restart ONT.
  • Hardware: An exact device type can now be defined for all device categories.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: The Expand feature now works correctly when it is utilized after the Collapse all feature was used.
  • Hardware / Routers / All / Add router: A new option is available in the Router type selectbox: L3 switch. This router type is able to add MAC addresses automatically to Internet services based on IP addresses (similarly to MikroTik routers).
  • Hardware / Routers / All / Particular router / Settings / Routed networks: In the Virtual router settings, the alert This network is not configured on the router is no longer displayed.
  • Hardware / GPON / ONT: A new option has been added to the list: Restart ONT.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor / Overview: A new column with filtering options has been added to the List of offline devices table: Group name. The maximum unit in the Duration column is day.
  • Hardware / NetMonitor / Unmonitored devices and services: The display of the relevant services has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Settings / Device type: When adding or editing a device type, you can choose one of the predefined icons or upload a custom icon.
  • POP card / Devices: Routers with routed networks are highlighted in the list of devices.
  • Settings / Code lists / Clients / Service types: For the GPON control type, there are now 4 service types available: Standard, L2TP, Radius a PPPoE.
  • Settings / Other / SMS templates: The Authorization SMS column is displayed only if the Electronic signatures submodule is active. When you choose a particular template in the column, the system checks whether the template contains the authorization code variable. If not, you are not allowed to choose that template.
  • Scheduling: User schedule layout has been changed.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / By period and By groups: The tables and PDF exports have been reworked.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Debts / Static data: Data generation time has been modified.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: A new option has been added to the Bulk action menu: Mark as read. If you use this option, all the selected tickets will be marked as read.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: Handling of attachments has been optimized.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets: A new section has been added to the sidebar: Action. In it, there is an option to go directly to a particular ticket. If you enter a ticket ID and click on the button, you are redirected to the ticket details.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Create ticket: A new option has been added to the Create ticket form: You can link the new ticket to a particular service.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details: IDs have been added to individual messages and notes.
  • Helpdesk / Statistics / Statistics: When you want to add a widget to the page, only those widgets are offered that are not yet displayed. If you cannot see any widgets after upgrade, go to the page settings and resave them.
  • On all the relevant address forms (mailing, invoicing, installation, POP address form, …), there is a new button Delete address that can be used to delete data from all the address fields at once.

Build 08/06/2022 11:30

  • IPTV service error during saving fixed

Build 09/06/2022 15:00

  • Helpdesk ticket attachment issue fixed