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ISPadmin 5.28

5.28 stable – build 01/06/2023 09:23

  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: An error displayed on the page has been fixed.

5.28 stable – build 31/05/2023 14:10

  • RADIUS synchronization has been modified for routers of the Not set type.

5.28 beta2 – build 18/05/2023 12:32

  • Client card / Active services: When a service draft was edited, an error could occur. Fixed.
  • Client card / Documents: When a document was uploaded or edited, an error could occur. Fixed.
  • Hardware / Routers / All: When a router was edited, an error could occur. Fixed.
  • Hardware / GPON / ONT: When an ONT was removed from an OLT including its services ports, an error could occur. Fixed.
  • Hardware / IP pools: An error occurred for some pools. Fixed.
  • Helpdesk / Tickets / Ticket details: In the Client setting, you can again search for a client using their client number.

5.28 beta1 – build 10/05/2023 15:42

  • Client card / Active services: If no tariff was specified for an Internet service, the speeds were not saved correctly. Fixed.
  • Client card / Documents: An error displayed during new document generation has been fixed.

5.28 beta1 – build 04/05/2023 12:49

  • Client card / Active services: An issue with the Please select a valid option message has been fixed.

5.28 beta1 – build 03/05/2023 14:57

Service name for documents

  • Client card / Documents
  • The Service name column contains not only service names, but also service IDs.
  • Also available are links to relevant services.
  • Service names are now saved at the moment of document generation. The current name, which might be different, is no longer taken into account.

Internet service draft

  • Client card / Active services
  • When adding an Internet service, you can use two new buttons: Save draft and Check draft.
  • If you save a service, all the normal checks are performed. When you save a service draft, no checks are performed.
  • Service drafts are highlighted in the list of services.
  • Most options that are available for services are not available for service drafts.
  • Service drafts are not included in the total number of services and in the total monthly payment.
  • Service drafts are displayed only in this overview and in the list of services for document generation (Client card / Documents).

Show/Hide tasks in the Calendar

  • Scheduling / Calendar
  • You can show/hide all users.
  • You can show/hide individual task types.
  • You can show/hide all task types.


  • Invoicing / Settings / Templates / Notifications
  • On the form, you can now choose when notifications are to be sent (partial/full invoice payment).
  • You can use client labels and service labels as filters.
  • You can also specify an email address to which copies of email notifications are to be sent.
  • The overview of notification templates has been reworked to include the new settings.

Ticket internal communication

  • You can add internal messages to individual ticket messages. Those messages are then displayed in the Internal communication section.
  • You can use so-called mentions in the messages.
  • Once you enter an at sign, relevant users are shown.
  • When you choose a particular user, enter a message and save the form, the system sends a notification to the user in which they are notified of the fact that they have been mentioned in the given ticket.
  • Notifications for the given ticket are automatically enabled for the user.

Further changes

  • Client card / Active services: The SSID item in the overview of Internet services now contains a link to the web interface of the access point.
  • Client card / Active services: There is a new checkbox for each tariff on the IPTV service form: Do not add to invoice.
  • Client card / Documents: If you want to edit a generated document with electronic signature variables, you need to go to the edit form, download the original template using the relevant button and then upload the edited version to the system.
  • Client card / Invoicing: An invoice print issue in Firefox has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Switches: In the Photo gallery section, you can move galleries to another switch, router, POP or client.
  • Hardware / Switches: The default SNMP status (when a new switch is added to the system) has been changed to grey (= Unknown).
  • Hardware / POPs / All: The default POP status (when a new POP is added to the system) has been changed to grey (= Unknown). If there is no device in the POP and if it it is not part of any active link, the status also changes to grey.
  • Hardware / POPs / Overview / Map: You can now generate a terrain profile using two points on the map.
  • POP card / Devices: There is a new option in the Bulk actions menu: Bulk test connections to POP devices. This way, you can test all the relevant POP devices at once.
  • POP card / Devices: Links to individual devices in the Name column have been modified.
  • POP card / Devices: In the IP column, you can click on the icon to copy the IP address to the clipoboard. If there si an active link, you can also click on the IP address itself to get to the device interface.
  • POP card / Documents: When an uploaded document was to be downloaded, an error occurred. Fixed.
  • A notification issue after NetMonitor restart and configuration reload has been fixed.
  • IPv6 WAN addresses are now added do the IPv6 address list.
  • The retrieval of temperature and voltage values from MikroTik routers has been modified.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / SMS / Configuration: You can now use the value -1 (= Disabled) in the sms_failure_notify setting.
  • Settings / Documents / Templates: In document templates, you can now use service ID variables: $INTERNET_SERVICE_ID$, $CATV_SERVICE_ID$, $UNIVERSAL_SERVICE_ID$, $DVBC_SERVICE_ID$, $IPTV_SERVICE_ID$, $MOBILE_SERVICE_ID$ and $VOIP_SERVICE_ID$.
  • Scheduling: The display of task activities has been modified for cases when the texts contain line breaks.
  • Inventory: All inventory-related tables have been reworked.