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ISPadmin 5.30

!CAUTION! If you install a beta version of 5.30, you will not be allowed to downgrade to the stable version of 5.29 if needed. Take this information into account before you perform the upgrade.

5.30 stable – build 14/11/2023 15:10

  • Hardware / GPON / OLT: There is a new option on the form that allows you to set the OLT as active/inactive.
  • POP card / Information: You can specify a link to an external application on the form. If an address is given, a new button appears in the POP overview that allows you to get to the page specified.
  • IPv6 handling has been optimized.

5.30 beta2 – build 01/11/2023 15:29

  • Other / Server stats / SMS queue: For optimization reasons, the retrieval and display of SMS queue data have been modified. The client associated with a particular mobile phone number is displayed only if you hover over that number.
  • Helpdesk: If the Microsoft Graph API token for a particular department is about to expire, a corresponding alert is displayed in the list of system alerts. If the token already expired, another alert is displayed.

5.30 beta1 – build 25/10/2023 10:49

  • Settings / Syst. settings / Backups: In the settings, you can set the number of CPUs/threads for backup compression.

5.30 beta1 – build 24/10/2023 14:18

  • Client card / Invoicing / Issue invoice: The order of the settings on the right side of the form has been changed.
  • Hardware / POPs / Access points: For the OLT device type, it is no longer necessary to select a network interface.

5.30 beta1 – build 17/10/2023 13:44

Contract notes

  • Contract notes are no longer available for Internet services only. You can use them for all service types.
  • These notes are always displayed in the overview of client services.
  • Also available are new related variables for each service type (see the list of system variables).
  • Settings / Documents / Templates: For each template, you can specify whether it is allowed to edit contract notes.
  • Client card / Documents / Create new document: If a template with the note editing enabled is selected and if a particular service is chosen, a text field appears that contains the contract note from the selected service. The text can be changed before the document is generated. If there are any changes to the text, they are applied to the selected service. If there is a corresponding variable in the document to be generated, the edited text also appears in the document.

Scheduled messages in Helpdesk

  • When you are creating a new email ticket or reply in Helpdesk, you can now schedule the sending for a later time.
  • There can be only one scheduled message per ticket.
  • In the ticket list, there is a new column that contains information about whether a given ticket has an assigned draft or scheduled message.
  • On the ticket details page, you can also find information about an assigned draft or scheduled message.
  • In the Helpdesk section of the User settings (top panel), you can set up the way such information is displayed on the ticket details page.
  • In the side menu, you can click on the corresponding link to get you to the list of scheduled messages. You can edit the scheduled messages if you want.
  • If the automatic sending of a message is disabled as a result of a particular action in the system (for example, a new reply on the relevant ticket), the user is informed of the situation in the ticket list as well as on the ticket details page. In addition, the user may also receive notifications related to the issue.
  • If the user wants to add a reply to a ticket that has a scheduled message, they are notified of the fact. If they confirm the action, the automatic sending of the scheduled message is disabled.

Further changes

  • Hardware / Routers / All: The graphical representation of ports on switches with a larger number of ports has been modified.
  • Hardware / Routers / Router status / Routers: The retrieval of OS versions for UBNT devices has been fixed.
  • Hardware / Switches: The graphical representation of ports on switches with a larger number of ports has been modified.
  • Hardware / Settings / NetMonitor / Contacts: When you click on a particular link in the Contacts column, you are redirected to a table in which you can specify which contacts are to be active and inactive.
  • SMS notifications from NetMonitor were not sent to an extra contact. Fixed.
  • Settings / Administrators / Administrators : You can now determine whether a given user is allowed to delete SMS messages from the queue.
  • Settings / Syst. settings / VPN server: You can choose between PPTP and OpenVPN server types. There are new settings on the page: You can enable/disable OpenVPN or PPTP and enter the OpenVPN server network IP address.
  • Settings / Switches: The limit on the maximum number of ports in the template has been removed.
  • Scheduling / Calendar: The display of the ampersand symbol in the task client name has been modified.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Cash box: The table and the corresponding exports have been reworked.
  • Other / Tools: The Duplicate MAC addresses page has been completely reworked.
  • Other / Server stats / SMS queue: On the page, you can view even SMS messages that have not been added to the send queue yet.
  • Inventory / Inventory: The default sorting of items has been reverted to the original state.