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Contract templates

  • In your text editor, create a contract template in RTF, DOC or DOCX format.
  • When creating the template, use system variables instead of specific data where applicable.
  • You can have the system display a list of system variables by clicking on the List of system variables button.
  • Upload the template to the system in Settings / Contracts / My templates. Click on the New template button, enter the file and possibly also choose a type (Settings / Contracts / Types tab, for filtering purposes). Save the form.
  • If the pdf_automatic_convert item in Settings / Syst. settings / General is set to 1, the contract will be automatically created in PDF format too.

Contract generation in the Client card

  • In Client card / Contracts, click on the New contract button.
  • Choose a template.
  • If the template contains any system variables that are related to one specific active service, it is necessary to select the service whose data will be used during contract generation (Service).
  • Include client goods in the contract:
    • The $CLI_USER_GOODS$ variable has been replaced with a new one: $CLI_GOODS[column][number]$
    • This variable can be used in contract templates.
    • [number]: In the template, the “number” string is to be replaced with a number (1,2, 3, …). With the help of these numbers, you will be able to add particular inventory items to the contract in Client card / Contracts / New contract. First checkbox checked = [1], second checkbox checked = [2], etc. 
    • [column]: In the template, the “column” string is to be replaced with the name of a particular column (for example: SUPPLIER). You can find the correct column name in the following list:
Group of goodsGROUP
Type of itemsITEM_TYPE
Serial numberSERIAL_NO
Purchase pricePURCHASE_PRICE
Sale priceSALE_PRICE
  • In the list of generated contracts, you can enable/disable the display of contracts in the Client portal (click on an icon in the Display in CP column).
  • You can download a file containing a contract.
  • You can send a contract to the client via email (Send contract to the client).
  • You can edit or delete a contract.

Bulk contract generation

  • In Settings / Contracts / Bulk, click on the Bulk generate contracts button.
  • Choose a contract template that will be used for bulk contract generation.
  • The Contracts item indicates how many contracts will be generated under the given circumstances. You can also have a look at the overview.
  • In the bottom half of the form, there are various filters that you can use to specify which contracts will be generated.
  • Multiselect is enabled for the Clients with labels and Services with labels filters.
  • If two labels (A and B) are selected in the filter, it means that only those items (clients/services) are chosen that have both the labels.
  • The generated contracts are saved to the respective Client cards.
  • In the overview, you can have the system display a list of generated contracts (click on a number in the Contracts column). You can also download the contracts as well as delete them.