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Send invoices via email

  • To be able to send invoices via email to your clients, you have to make sure that the Send invoices via email checkbox in the Client card is checked and at least one email address is entered (fields Email and Invoicing email).
  • The Send invoices via email checkbox is, by default, unchecked. The system checks it automatically when a default email address and/or invoicing email address is entered.
  • It is possible to enter more than one address into these two fields. Individual addresses must be separated by commas or semicolons, though.
  • If an email address is entered into the Email field as well as into the Invoicing email field, the system will use the one from the Invoicing email field. If an email address is entered into the Email field only, that address will be used.
  • The email address that is used for sending invoices can be specified in Invoicing / Settings / Invoice groups:
    • Email: Email address itself (for example:
    • Email name: Name that is displayed next to the email address itself (for example: Company XYZ – Billing Department)
  • If you want the system to automatically send tax invoices to clients based on settled proforma invoices, you need to set this feature accordingly in the proforma_automatic_send item in Invoicing / Settings / General. A corresponding individual setting is available in the Client card (checkbox Do not send invoices created from proforma invoices).
  • An invoice email template can be created in Settings / Other / Email templates. Activate a particular template in the Default column. The active template is marked with a green checkmark.
  • Invoice emails can be sent individually from the Client card (invoicing overview or invoice details page) as well as in bulk from Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices (option Send invoices via email). When you are about to send invoice emails in bulk, you can choose whether you want to send all invoices or only those that have not been sent yet.