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Recycling fee

The system allows you to specify a recycling fee per unit for each item type. This value is then used when Inventory pending items are invoiced.


  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Item types
  • In the code list, you can enter a unit recycling fee into the Recycling fee field for each item type.
  • Enter a value excluding VAT or including VAT (depending on the cena_dph_typ setting in Invoicing / Settings / General).
    • If cena_dph_typ = 0, enter a value excluding VAT.
    • If cena_dph_typ = 1, enter a value including VAT.
  • If a particular value is specified in the code list, the value is used when you are adding new items of a given type to Inventory.
  • If you want to change the recycling fee value for an existing item, you can do that on the item edit page.


  • Move an Inventory item to a client.
  • Create a pending item from it.
  • If a recycling fee is specified for the item, the system automatically creates another pending item in the format Recycling fee for: [Name of the related item].
  • These pending items can be manually added to an invoice or automatically added to an invoice during bulk invoice generation.