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Discount code list


  • The discount code list can be found in Invoicing / Settings / Code lists / Discount code list.
  • The page contains a table with existing discounts that can be edited or deleted.
  • The Add discount button is located above the table. Use this button to add a new discount to the code list.
  • Enter an internal discount name into the Name field.
  • Enter a short text that will appear on invoices into the Discount description on invoices field.
  • Then, choose a discount type: fixed or percentage (item Discount type).
  • Finally, enter a discount value into the Value field.


  • When adding or editing an Internet, IPTV, CATV or DVBC service, you can enter a discount item much more easily using the created discount code list.
  • Find the Discount list button on the form.
  • When you click on it, a menu appears that allows you to choose one of the items from the code list.
  • Select a particular discount.
  • The system fills in the corresponding discount type, value and name/description.