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Upgrade of our servers in the data center

We have completed the upgrade of our servers in the TTC Teleport data center in Prague.

We upgraded our entire solution taking into account the high demands on the equipment by our clients.

We used 1x Dell Blade M1000 device, 2x DELL EqualLogic PS-M4110XS storage and a total of 12 servers before the upgrade.

As part of this upgrade, we installed another Blade with 5 servers in the TTC DC2 data center, which operates in TIER 3 mode and is separated geographically from TTC DC1. There are 2x 10 Gb circuits and 6x 1Gb circuits between the data centers.

The primary data center is the TTC DC1, which currently houses the DELL Blade M1000, 12 M620 servers and the new DELL EqualLogic PS6210XS storage, which is equipped with 7x 800 GB SSDs and 17x 1.2 TB 10k disks. The total capacity installed is 26 TB, of which 18 TB is the available RAID array capacity. The storage uses RAID6 SSD accelerated data storage, so it is very reliable and powerful. According to our statistics, it handles 13,000 IOPS and about 700 MB/s at peak times, which is not a bad value at all. It far exceeds our requirements.

Currently, the computing capacity in TTC DC1 is provided by 12 servers, each with 2x XEON CPU (8-16 cores per CPU) and 96 GB RAM.

In total, we have 336 CPU cores, 1.1 TB RAM and 18 TB of disk space installed in TTC DC1.

In the TTC DC2 data center, there is a DELL EqualLogic PS6110 storage device, which contains 24 disks with a total capacity of 72 TB, of which 50 TB is available in the RAID array. This storage device serves as a backup and all data from DC1 is automatically backed up to it every hour.

There is also another BLADE M1000, 5x M620 server with a capacity of 120 CPU cores and 480 GB RAM.

If there is a failure/outage in TTC DC1, we are able to get important servers up and running in TTC DC2 in a very short time and thus to ensure reliable operation of hosted installations of ISPadmin and other systems.

The power supply of each data center is provided by 2 independent power connections 2x 10MW of the voltage level 22kV. The backup solution is provided by 4 diesel generators with an output of 5.4 MVA and 9 diesel generators with an output of 14 MVA. Safety is guaranteed by EPS (Electronic Fire System), SHZ (Fixed Fire Extinguisher), CCTV (Closed-circuit television), EKV (Electronic access control), Monitoring, MaR (Measurement and Regulation), etc.

We are convinced that this upgrade is another important step in the process of increasing the quality of the technological infrastructure and the services provided. We are also convinced that it will enable the smooth running of all your installations.