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How to set Inventory item descriptions that are to appear on invoices

  • Each Inventory item has several attributes that can be used to create a so-called pending item. This item then appears on an invoice.
  • In Settings / Syst. settings / Inventory / Other, you can define which attributes are to be included in pending items and in which order.
  • Use the arrows in the first column to change the order.
  • Specify which attributes will appear on invoices by clicking on the corresponding icons in the Active column.
  • Green check mark = The attribute will appear on invoices.
  • Red cross = The attribute will not appear on invoices.
  • If you click on a green check mark, it will turn into a red cross.
  • If you click on a red cross, it will turn into a green check mark.
  • The changed settings apply to newly generated pending items only. The pending items generated before the change do not reflect the new settings.