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Support request

  • If the ci_auth_requests_enable option in Settings / Syst. settings / Client portal is enabled, clients can send support requests from their Client portal.
  • There is a Send support request button on the Client portal home page.
  • When the client clicks on it, a form will appear.
  • They fill in the Subject and Text fields.
  • Then, they click on the Send button and the form gets submitted.
  • Support requests are sent to the email addresses of users with an email address entered in their user account configuration and with the Send tasks via email and Send requests from the Client portal boxes checked.
  • The same users are assigned to the task that got created based on the request sent.
  • Copies of support requests are sent to the email address specified in the ci_auth_requests_forwarding_email item in Settings / Syst. settings / Client portal.